Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rakhi Mika Kiss Controversy

Rakhi Mika Kiss

Daler Mehndi’s brother pop singer Mika celebrated his birthday in Mumbai with close friends and celebrities in 2006. On 10 June, a Saturday night, Rakhi Sawant and Shefali Zariwala charmed the media with their sizzling poses. Mika cut the cake and performed on the occasion. The function invited trouble to Mika as Rakhi Sawant lodged an FIR with the Oshiwara police alleging that Mika forcibly kissed her at the function. The incident happened around 2am at a restaurant called “Someplace Else”.

Rakhi Mika Kiss

Rakhi Sawant filed a police complaint in which she claimed that her friend was also assaulted by bodyguard and she was mollested by the pop singer. The cases filed were under sections 323 (assault) and 354 (molestation). At the party, it was Rakhi who first landed a kiss as a birthday wish and later Mika gave her a kiss back. Rakhi and Mika were seen enjoying the party and the “inappropriate” kiss at the dance floor surprised Rakhi Sawant. “He bit my lips twice and in the process my earring broke,” Rakhi Sawant told reporters. “I am an Indian woman. I will not allow a liplock - a peck on the cheek is okay.” Shefali Jariwala, the Kaanta Laga girl, a fellow item girl had this to say: “Rakhi Sawant was enjoying herself at the party. I really don’t know when the whole thing turned dramatic.” Well we do not know if these are just for publicity but its definitely interesting to see how media focuses so much on such petty matters. People love reading about these controversies, media loves covering these and these celebrities enjoy the cheap publicity so everyone seems to be enjoying !!! That’s what Rakhi is famous for…controversies and cheap publicity.

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